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We intelligently monitor high value, complex machinery and production lines

We do this by working closely with our global engineering customers, applying our extensive knowledge and reputation in measurement, diagnostics and optimisation in the operation of complex machinery.  Our skilled team shares our innovative sensors and systems expertise and empowers our customers to maximise the full potential of their equipment.


Our product solutions protect and maximise the performance of critical and high-value equipment with powerful predictive health monitoring technology. The design and supply of each of our innovative solutions is bespoke to its application, resulting in PrOXisense being the partner of choice for complex product development. Read more about our solutions.


PrOXisense works in collaboration with leading companies to optimise new technology for their requirements.  Cost and risk are the factors required in balancing new technology development.   When you add the PrOXisense focus, expertise and realistic approach to what can and can’t be achieved and when, you have a collaboration partner you can trust. Read more about Collaborating with us.

Research & Development

PrOXisense is a spin out company from the University of Oxford, one of the world’s most highly respected and historic seats of learning.  We are perfectly placed to deliver cutting edge R&D and have an ongoing portfolio of Innovate UK industrial research projects in addition to customer specific R&D projects. Read more about our Research & Development activities.

Benefits for your company:

  • Reduce maintenance
  • Predict, prevent and lower downtime
  • Reduce failure
  • Improve performance and efficiency

Our technology

Innovative by its design, our technology has been used for a range of applications to extend the lifetime and performance of costly parts and components used in extreme environments. When you partner with us, we configure our core product range and create bespoke solutions for your predictive maintenance needs, maximising the performance of your critical high-value assets.

Applications include:

  • Blade tip timing and clearance in gas and steam turbines and rotating machinery
  • Bearing lubrication oil measurement
  • Contamination sensing for a wide range of liquids, powders and solids, including drugs

The future for the industrial world

Organisations no longer need human intervention to manage every aspect of the industrial world. An increasing volume of activities are now supported by robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies that enable organisations to maximise their resources.

With this change comes an evolution in the tools that are designed to support it. Some of the biggest differences have been seen in methods for keeping components functioning, and functioning well, for longer periods of time.

Predictive maintenance (PdM)

Predictive maintenance is one such improvement. Sensors have always been an important part of any maintenance plan as they allow us to monitor changes and adjust accordingly to prevent small issues becoming major problems. Having multiple different sensors monitoring different metrics can be key to getting a better understanding of processes and preventing early failures and the resulting costs.

Industrial analytics

Industrial analytics is often considered to be an integral part of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, which is characterized by the convergence between traditional industrial practices and new IT improvements. These advances include data analytics and their related interpretation via machine learning, and advances in connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT).

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