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We intelligently monitor high value, complex machinery and production lines

We do this by working closely with our global engineering customers, applying our extensive knowledge and reputation in measurement, diagnostics and optimisation in the operation of complex machinery.  Our skilled team shares our innovative sensors and systems expertise and empowers our customers to maximise the full potential of their equipment.

Our technology

Innovative by its design, our technology has been used for a range of applications to extend the lifetime and performance of costly parts and components used in extreme environments. When you partner with us, we configure our core product range and create bespoke solutions for your predictive maintenance needs, maximising the performance of your critical high-value assets.

Applications include:

  • Blade tip timing and clearance in gas and steam turbines and rotating machinery
  • Bearing lubrication oil measurement
  • Contamination sensing for a wide range of liquids, powders and solids, including drugs