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A highly flexible system approach to identify immediate issues

Our thermal product measurement sensor technology uses a highly flexible system approach that can be streamlined to assessment environments.

The sensor is compact and robust, consisting of a platinum thin film or pulse gauge. This can be coated to allow for operation in harsh environments.

Sensors are coupled to signal processing electronics. This records measured data and can indicate conditions directly or via a computer – either hard wired or wirelessly connected.

A variety of system configurations:

  • A standard handheld device fitted with a wand
  • A desktop device for sample measurement
  • Bespoke engineered in-line and in-process systems.


Our thermal product sensor systems are equipped to report and analyse immediate issues and trend data to identify problems that arise between scheduled tests. You can spot tell-tale indicators of contamination before they become expensive and costly failures.

In 2020, we made a breakthrough in our ability to measure contaminants in pharmaceutical products with a precision of 50 parts per million.

Lubrication systems

PrOXisense thermal product sensors can be used in any lubrication system:

  • In-service jet engine lubrication oil condition and contamination assessment
  • Monitoring and assessment of an ongoing chemical reaction process
  • Water contamination and accumulation in aviation fuel storage
  • Transportation and delivery systems and the assessment of rocks for suitability as raw stock for industrial process
  • Bearing Lubrication oil measurement
  • Identification of counterfeit or non-compliant materials

Accurate measuring

The thermal product sensor can accurately measure the condition of oil. It can detect minute levels of contamination and debris including:

  • Water
  • Metallic particulates (both ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Non-metallic particulates (such as ceramics).
  • Oil condition and contamination monitoring and analysis

Key features

  • Compact and robust
  • Immediate and long-term reporting
  • Suited for use in any setting, including harsh environments
  • Bespoke engineered sensors for each application and system approach.
  • Real-time data analysis and insight to predictively identify issues or general trends that could lead to failure
  • Low maintenance cost and long service life

Why PrOXisense?

  • Blue chip client portfolio
  • Fully patented sensor range – you won’t find our products anywhere else
  • Bespoke product solutions
  • Proven technology identifying preventative maintenance opportunities
  • Full-service provision, including the acquisition and analysis of rich datasets
  • Fully bespoke reporting dashboard that can be integrated with other health monitoring systems

Applications across market sectors


Take a look at the benefits of implementing Thermal Product Sensing:

  • Accurately analyse and predict when systems or equipment are reaching critical levels
  • Predict unplanned and costly failures with our robust reporting and monitoring system.
  • Identify which components are wearing and how long they might take to fail
  • Access continued insight on fuel composition, level of contamination and degradation to make early and informed decisions
  • Identify contamination levels in pharmaceutical production, for example, water in ethanol
  • Identify counterfeit drugs and vaccines
  • Access comprehensive data insight and analysis

Our expert team can offer advice on our excellent range of critical sensors, as well as guidance on integrating sensor and monitoring technologies. 

Prevent the costly replacement of high value parts and components with actionable data to make operational decisions.