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Senior Engineer

As well as spending 13 years with QinetiQ before joining PrOXisense, Michelle more recently provided consultancy to the University of Oxford in support of testing/demonstration of eddy current sensor technology for tip-timing and clearance.

Her previous experience includes time as a Gas Turbine Technologist with a main focus on flow measurements and computational modelling and also a Tip-timing specialist, working in the development and testing/demonstration of eddy current sensor technology.

She has also held a role as a Smart Devices Engineer, researching the application of novel technologies, in particular materials technologies, to challenging engineering problems.

Her experience as a Tip-timing specialist has involved her at all stages throughout various projects to develop eddy current sensors for tip-timing and tip-clearance including planning and preparation of engine trials; test execution and data acquisition; and data analysis and reporting.

Michelle has an MEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics, with Merit with specialisms in Materials Science and Astronautics from the University of Southampton.

She is the co-author on several ASME papers on eddy current sensor technology development and testing (some as Michelle Cardwell, some under her maiden name of Michelle Gilboy).

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