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We create bespoke solutions for predictive maintenance needs

We partner with global engineering companies to create products to protect and maximise the performance of critical and high-value equipment with powerful predictive health monitoring technology.

The design and supply of each of our innovative solutions is bespoke to its application, resulting in PrOXisense being the partner of choice for complex product development.

Blade tip timing and clearance

Our innovative sensing and data acquisition systems will ensure high performance and efficiency of high-value rotating blade equipment. Our technology is designed for optimal performance in harsh conditions and fast rotating speeds and our sensors and monitoring will detect events as they occur, allowing real-time management.  Read more.

Data analytics

Our expertise spans the collection and analysis of data generated by our advanced sensors. Our close collaboration with OEMs and operators across industries gives us a unique insight into the challenges for analytics and we have identified partners to explore bringing techniques such as machine learning to market in an informed and robust manner. Read more.

Thermal product sensing

A unique sensing technology that can detect contamination in a range of products and can highlight changes in characteristics due to degradation or deliberate attempts to counterfeit critical materials.  Read more.

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