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We understand real time equipment characteristics 

A key differentiator for PrOXisense lies within the intellectual property and know-how developed in collecting, augmenting and analysing data generated from our advanced sensors. This capability allows PrOXisense to understand in real time what characteristics or behaviours are being exhibited.

We are uniquely able to recommend interventions to help improve predictive & preventative maintenance, performance efficiency, reliability & availability and avert equipment failures and maintenance downtime. PrOXisense systems can provide outputs in both data rich, complex HMDI or simple ‘traffic light system’ highlighting performance.

PrOXisense signal conditioning and data analytics hardware can reliably operate within the service environment for greater than the meantime between service intervals of the host equipment. In many instances, the service life of the PrOXisense system is significantly longer, providing assurance that the machine is operating within acceptable limited throughout its entire service life.

Key partnerships being developed

Our Data analysis expertise is being developed both in house and with key partners

  • Communications & networking
  • Analysis & post processing
  • Visualisation & presentation
  • Machine learning and AI

Key features

  • Accurately analyse and predict when systems or equipment are reaching critical levels
  • Predict unplanned and costly failures with our robust reporting and monitoring system.
  • Access comprehensive data insight and analysis
  • Prevent the costly replacement of high value parts and components with actionable data to make operational decisions.

Why PrOXisense?

  • Blue chip client portfolio
  • Fully patented sensor range – you won’t find our products anywhere else
  • Bespoke product solutions
  • Proven technology identifying preventative maintenance opportunities
  • Full-service provision, including the acquisition and analysis of rich datasets
  • Fully bespoke reporting dashboard that can be integrated with other health monitoring systems

Applications across market sectors

Our expert team can offer advice on our excellent range of critical sensors, as well as guidance on integrating sensor and monitoring technologies.

“We see great potential from working with Proxisense the expertise they have in working in hostile environments is invaluable. Our equipment operates in some difficult environments the experience Proxisense has with sensors gives us confidence that the product will perform”.

“Sensors in rotating equipment will produce vast amounts of data, this can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret, Proxisense have demonstrated the ability to extract only the important information. This has made it much easier for us to understand and act upon the information supplied.”