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Cost and risk are two factors of technology development.
We add a third – trust.

New technology might occasionally be developed in isolation, but it is rarely brought to market successfully.   The responsibility belongs to all industry to look beyond what’s possible now and which directions we could take to shape the products and services of the future.

We optimise new technology for your needs

PrOXisense works in collaboration with blue-chip companies to optimise new technologies and configure solutions from our core offerings to meet their requirements.

This is a finely tuned and often long-term partnership, involving close working relationships and a combined commitment to overseeing new technology progression from vision to high volume deployment.

We are a capable and trusted partner

Companies who collaborate with us see us as a capable, knowledgeable and trusted partner who is well connected to the marketplace and able to manage complex and dynamic industry needs.

We understand emerging technologies and, through our collaborative working, your end applications. With access to world-leading experts and their facilities, we know what it takes practically to mature technologies and bring solutions to market.

When you add the PrOXisense focus, expertise and realistic approach to what can and can’t be achieved – and when – you have a collaboration partner you can trust.

Find out why many of the world's leading companies already work with us. Get in touch