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We can help you move from condition-based to predictive maintenance

In most cases Power Generation operations are high value assets that are critical to the power generation needs of either industry or public consumption. Reliability and availability are important factors that impact how they are monitored and maintained.

The industry has moved from condition-based maintenance through preventative maintenance and is now involved in predictive maintenance (PdM). This will generate significant data additional sensing technologies could also be used to add to this data steam. The challenge then becomes the integration of this data into an analysis process that delivers usable information.

Our innovative sensors have many applications for the power generation industry, benefiting nuclear, coal, hydroelectric and wind turbine plants, amongst others, to maximise the performance of critical equipment and reduce costly outages.

Smarter sensor and monitoring system

Innovative by design, our sensing and monitoring technology provides better detection for blade stress, vibration or break than any other blade health monitoring solution. Reliable in hostile environments of extreme stress and vibrations, PrOXisense sensors enhance safety, improve efficiency and protect against costly damage and repairs.

Detailed analytics

With rich datasets providing detailed trend analysis over time, technical staff can detect and perform maintenance on blade faults at an early stage, reducing the downtime of your business’ most critical assets.

Designed for longevity

Unlike other solutions, our sensor technology consistently maintains its high performance over time, providing power generation operators with the assurance that critical faults will not go undetected.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Connected sensing technologies help PdM address the core challenge of maintenance: the right part in the right place, at the right time.

By driving those processes from real-world data – not guesses – PdM can help determine the optimal efficiency for most maintenance use cases.

PdM can reduce the time required to:

  • Plan maintenance by 20-50%
  • Increase equipment uptime and availability by 10-20%
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs by 5-10%

PrOXisense has started this process with a global supplier of high-performance lubrication oils, working towards a real-time online monitoring capability.

If you are in the Power Generation industry and have complex sensing challenges, let’s talk.