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Transform clean fuel maintenance with smart and reliable health monitoring

Oil and gas is the segment of the petroleum industry that finds and extracts crude oil and natural gas via a network of wells and pumps.

Some of the major challenges to this industry are the inefficiencies and equipment failures that occur when wells are operated in a less than optimal way as well as the production that is temporarily stalled as parts and equipment fail and await repair.

A successful predictive maintenance strategy can boost the well oil and gas production rate and revenue by alerting well operators to the opportune moments for a graceful shut down for maintenance and repairs before catastrophic equipment failure happens.

Early identification

Problems can be identified early before they become major and costly failures

Sensors can be linked to data gathering electronics for real-time oil condition monitoring and alerts for notification when contamination reaches critical levels, enabling early intervention. Operating in all temperatures and atmosphere conditions, they report on the lowest levels of contamination.

Proxisense is working with a major oil company to develop sensor solutions for oil debris and condition monitoring of gearbox and potentially other industrial machinery applications.

If you are in the Oil & Gas industry and have sensing needs in harsh environments, let’s talk. 

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