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Determining the condition of in-service equipment allows proactive maintenance decisions

Today’s next generation of aircraft engines are equipped with multiple sensors that generate massive amounts of data.

By combining real-time information with historical data and robust analytics, airlines can determine the condition of in-service equipment to make proactive decisions on maintenance schedules and ways to maximise aircraft availability.

An Airbus A350 aircraft has 6,000 sensors producing 2.5Tb of data per day. These sensors measure health and performance and provide insights by tracking everything from fuel flow, pressure and temperature to the aircraft’s altitude, speed, weather and air temperature.

Condition monitoring

Results in greater efficiency in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) process and in enhanced fleet management.

Predictive maintenance

Not only enables airlines to keep earning revenue by preventing groundings and disruptions but also helps improve safety by preventing equipment failure.

Smarter sensor and monitoring system

Innovative by design, our sensing and monitoring technology enhances engine safety, optimises efficiency and protects against costly damage and repairs.

Reliable results in the most hostile environments

Designed for longevity in the increasing temperatures and pressures in which engines operate, our sensor technology consistently maintains its high performance over time, providing aerospace operators with the assurance that faults will not go unreported. 

PrOXisense is working with key customers to introduce this new sensing technology into the development cycle, with the goal of in-service application in the near future.

If you are in the Aerospace industry and would like to discuss your sensing challenges, let’s talk.