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A robust turbine blade vibration monitoring, analysis and diagnostic system

The system, developed by PrOXisense, can operate in-service and provides data analysis and assessment in real time and will provide valuable data during installation and commissioning. This aids blade and rotor characterisation and turbine start-up and shutdown sequencing.

Avoid unplanned outages and mitigate risk

Once turbines have been handed over for service, the system provides a rich data set to help owners and operators mitigate risk. This is enabled through real-time monitoring of vibration, clearance and blade deflection. Owners and operators can then avoid unplanned outages and catastrophic failures through the long-term monitoring of performance degradation progressing vibration issues or general trends that could lead to failure.

Advanced sensors with proven reliability

The PrOXisense system utilises an eddy current sensor with proven reliability. They can provide highly accurate blade tip timing data in both analogue and digital forms and in real-time. The signal feeds directly into a digital signal processor that is capable of processing 12 signals simultaneously including signals from other types of sensors. It can also be accessed via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Blade and seal clearance measurement

PrOXisense eddy current based turbine blade monitoring systems are also capable of accurately measuring blade and seal clearances for use in engine development activities and health monitoring analysis and diagnostic systems of in-service engines. Systems can operate continuously in-service and provide data in real time. Systems are robust and are capable of operating beyond normal planned service outage periods.

Reliable and robust turbine health monitoring

The PrOXisense system provides a robust and reliable method for blade tip and seal clearance measurement. The system’s long service life and low maintenance costs represent excellent value when set against reliability and availability, downtime and the significant cost of an unplanned failure outage, allowing  owners and operators to detect in-service events as they occur.

Additionally, the real-time and continuous nature of the system allows for trends over time to be detected. From this, data driven decisions affecting performance, optimisation, preventative maintenance scheduling and prediction and prevention of potential failure events can be made.

Accurately forecast downtime

Our robust health monitoring system allows unplanned and costly outages to be predicted and prevented.

Key features

  • Real-time data analysis and insight to predictively identify issues or general trends that could lead to failure
  • Long-term blade, monitoring and diagnosis
  • Low maintenance cost and long service life
  • Use both on during installation and commissioning for blade and rotor characterisation, and turbine start-up and shutdown sequencing

Why PrOXisense?

  • Blue chip client portfolio
  • Fully patented sensor range – you won’t find our products anywhere else
  • Bespoke product solutions
  • Proven technology identifying preventative maintenance opportunities
  • Full-service provision, including the acquisition and analysis of rich datasets
  • Fully bespoke reporting dashboard that can be integrated with other health monitoring systems

Applications across market sectors

Our expert team can offer advice on our excellent range of critical sensors, as well as guidance on integrating sensor and monitoring technologies. 

“PrOXisense Sensor expertise has enabled us to rapidly customise sensors, to support investigations into poor turbine blade performance on in service turbines. This provides critical data that allows us to better service our customers.”