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John Garside arrived as our new Technical Director at the beginning of November 2019 with over 20 years’ experience in managing R&D and new product introduction across multiple industries.

Welcome to the team, John. From discussing your career profile, you have introduced over 100 new products to market over the last two decades and have experience with companies of all sizes and at all stages of their growth. Can you tell us a bit about what attracted you to PrOXisense?

It has to be the wide potential of the technologies and the diversity of applications that we are interested in targeting. The enthusiasm is infectious, whilst also being grounded in reality.

I looked into the PrOXisense technologies before I decided to join the company, and I’m impressed with the range of technologies we have at various stages of development and also with the desire to extend the technology portfolio, including generation of new IP.

The existing client list is also seriously impressive, especially for a start-up company. This gave me great confidence in the ability to convert good ideas into revenue and ultimately to grow the company. A major challenge for start-up companies is often not the technology but access to the market – Proxisense has the connections, so we can really focus on developing the specific products to meet global customer’s major unresolved challenges.

It’s a privilege to join the company at this early stage of the start-up journey and I can see incredible future application areas. I’m delighted to be on board.

What are your first plans?

Well my first priority has been to get to know the team – I’ve already learned that our people have incredible experience and energy and are up for the sort of challenges that are common in a product development environment. We are now working together on plans to deepen our knowledge of the technologies and of our targeted customer’s unmet needs, so we understand how to adapt to different application spaces.

Can you talk about the proposed product range?

We are part way through our start up journey. Some of our technologies are maturing and others are earlier stage. On the more mature technologies, the focus is on refinement, rigorously proving robustness and developing application specific variants. This includes pushing these technologies beyond their current limits, to open up new application spaces.

On the earlier stage technologies, we are focusing on building our knowledge base and ensuring our fundamental technology building blocks are well characterised and well understood. These strengthened technical foundations will allow us to far more rapidly spawn a range of products for a diverse range of applications.

The beauty of the PrOXisense technologies means that the potential end application areas are vast and we are exploring application spaces in focused sectors and industries. This is likely to be IP generative, so I’m afraid that I can’t talk about the details, and we are also developing completely new technologies to address a number of technical challenges.

How do companies find out about the product range when it is launched?

Anyone with an interest in what we are doing is welcome to talk to us, anytime. Companies with a problem that they need addressed, or even if you just want to know what our latest findings are, get in touch, we’re happy to talk and share our experience.


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