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We’re in our new office on Harwell Campus

With 10 new team members joining us in 2019, mostly in engineering and project management, our current office was feeling a bit busy. So, to keep the innovative ideas flowing (and make sure our new colleagues had somewhere to sit), we packed up our belongings and leased a more suitable home for PrOXisense.

We have now moved to our new offices at 148 Sixth Street, Thompson Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, OX11 0TR. We have the full first floor of the building and as well as office space and meeting rooms, we have a lab and fabrication area.

It’s enough space for now – but with our growth planned to continue, we won’t get too comfortable.

We’re also in good company

Our office is on Harwell Campus, one of the leading science and technology innovation hubs in Europe. The Campus is south of Oxford and spreads over 700 acres and hosts over 225 companies with more than 6000 employees.

The history of Harwell is steeped in world firsts – we had a look at their timeline of events and find that among other notable achievements, our office is in the same location where  the 32nd Mersenne  was discovered in 1996 – at that time the world’s largest known prime number.


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