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Specialising in advanced sensors, diagnostics and optimisation systems

We prevent downtime & equipment failure, improve performance & efficiency of complex rotating equipment.

In most turbines failures can be predicted in advance, through subtle changes in the engine dynamic characteristics.

Technology Application

Blade Tip Timing for Gas and Steam Turbines

PrOXisense comprehensive health-monitoring technology allows improvements to engine prognostics and life usage assessment, as well as reducing whole life cycle costs and improving engine availability. Failure to adopt this preventative technology, risks OEMs and operators not detecting degrading performance and the possible onset of component failure, both of which may lead to lengthy periods of engine non-availability or even catastrophic engine failure. With substantial maintenance, replacement and punitive costs likely to be incurred to either or both parties in this eventuality, the adoption of this technology becomes a very cost effective approach.

The technology utilises a proprietary eddy current sensor combined with a signal processing unit with custom designed algorithms, to capture blade time of arrival data. This data is used to derive highly accurate blade positioning information for every blade passing in real-time. Unique high speed data capture and analysis software allows full blade dynamic behaviour to be computed, again in real-time. This is then post processed by a third unit to provide information configurable on a customer by customer basis and designed to feed directly into maintenance decision making and engine health management systems as it happens. The system output has been developed with engine OEMs using in-service experience and data, removing the need for any data processing or further analysis by the maintenance provider or operator. PrOXisense additionally provides in-service support expertise and capability to meet the full operational needs of OEMs, operators or third party maintenance providers.

Blade Tip Timing and Clearance, Aircraft Engine Applications

In Aircraft engines the PrOXisense system cannot only be applied to blade tip timing but also to clearance measurement. Accurate and reliable tip clearance data is a key measurement for clearance control.

In Aerospace Gas Turbine Engines, blade tip and seal clearance measurements can be used in a closed loop active control system to minimise and optimise operational clearances, reducing leakage flows and significantly improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Tip clearance measurement can also be used for condition-based maintenance in the turbine hot section. Measurements can prevent blade wear and damage from rubbing, which may result from a case distortion, shaft bending or external environmental factors.

Critical Fluid Contamination, Aviation Fuel Systems

PrOXisense has developed an in-service, real time technology capable of measuring the presence and concentration level of water within critical fluids such as aviation fuel. The technology can be applied to fuel storage, delivery and on wing fuel tanks with sensors in fixed instillations or deployed in a hand held device. The technology eliminates the requirement for sample testing as well as providing for a much more reliable, accurate and reusable point of use measurement.

Bearing Wear Detection, Aircraft Engines

Through the development of a range of thin film and pulse gauge sensors PrOXisense has a proven capability to measure size and density of wear particles in lubrication oils. This capability has been applied in both laboratory systems to measure particle contamination in oil samples and in situation on a land bases aircraft engine installed in-line within the engine lubricating oil system. Trials have demonstrated the systems ability to measure both metallic and non-metallic wear particles, both in size and concentration, significantly more accurately than other sensors currently used.

Real Time Decision Making

Signal Processing and Data Analysis

A key differentiator for PrOXisense lies within the intellectual property and know how developed in collecting, augmenting and analysis of data generated from our advanced sensors. This capability allows PrOXisense to understand in real time what characteristics or behaviours are being exhibited. We therefore recommend interventions to help predictive & preventative maintenance and efficiency, performance, reliability & availability improvements and to avert failures and downtime. PrOXisense systems are capable of providing output in both data rich complex HMDI or simple “traffic light systems” highlighting performance.

Research & Development Support

Instrumentation Services

PrOXisense offers instrumentation hardware and support to customers who need accurate measurement and analysis in high temperature and high pressure environments. We have a range of platinum thin and dual film gauges and probes and corresponding data processing electronics capable of providing true surface temperature measurement in steady and unsteady conditions. These have been combined with a range of others instruments to provide clients ranging from Jet engine manufacturers to F1 race teams with the ability to truly evaluate system and components operating in extreme environments.

Product Support

System Integration and In-Service support

PrOXisense offers complete systems of measurement and analysis for each application of it’s technology. We also provide high performance sensors together with the data gathering electronics that can be integrated into other health monitoring systems. We have the technical and product support expertise to provide customers with more detailed data analysis if required together with full on-site support for installation and commissioning activities. When providing instrumentation services we have on-site technical support available through out the period of testing if required.

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